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12 dating advices for him on how to be

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Be sure on yourself
Be Confident. Women are Fickle, self conscience, and unsure of themselves. They want a guy that is the opposite. No matter who you are, or what you look like, confidence will make you attractive. Be sure of who you are and what you want. Girls like guys with a plan, and who aren’t afraid to go up and talk to them in front of a group of guys. Be confident in who you are, and make sure to base your confidence in reality so you don’t become cocky, which is something girls don’t like.

Be firm
Stick to your guns. I’ve often met many guys who will transform into the type of Man that his girlfriend wants him to be. This is sad for several reasons.

1.) He loses himself in her and
2.) The only types of girls he’ll get are the controlling ones and those relationships aren’t fun or healthy.

Be firm in your opinions. If the girl does something you don’t like, let her know. Don’t sell yourself sort. If a girl wanted someone who always agreed with her, She would date her Mom.

Be Mysterious
Don’t show all your aces. Girls like a guy who doesn’t reveal everything about him right from the start. Give them enough so when they leave you, they long to know more. If you work at your local department store in electronics and they ask what you do, say you work in ‘electronics’, and don’t give them the name of the store. This adds mystery and intrigue and girls will be back for more. Make sure you don’t lie and that you never tell half truths to misrepresent yourself. The principle can be stated as "More is Less when talking about yourself"

Be what she needs
Become the type of Man that resembles the type of woman you want. For instance, if you want a woman who is in shape, funny, and adventurous, you yourself should work on getting in shape, being funny and adventurous. If you aren’t a funny guy, go out and buy a book on how to be more humorous. Hang out with funny people and learn from them. Don’t forget that "Birds of a Feather, Flock Together"

Be communicative
Women love to talk. Take advantage of it! Who doesn’t like to talk about themselves? This principle holds especially true for any girl you date. Find out what she enjoys? What her hobbies are? What she is passionate about? What makes her laugh? Her favorite movie/book/song? Get her talking about her self and what she enjoys and she’ll associate the good feelings she gets while talking about them, with you. You’ll be amazed how well this works.

Be wise
A Faithful Wing Man can make any mission successful. Go out with a friend and build each other up in front of the girl. A guy affirming another guy in front of a girl not only affirms your manhood, but it builds you up without you having to do that talking. This is an art and not a science so don’t take this to extreme. Good affirmation from your guy friends should be tasteful and true.

Be tasteful
Compliment the unique parts of your date. BE TASTEFUL! Don’t tell your date she has “Nice Eyes” or a “Beautiful Smile”, I guarantee you she’s heard it 1000 times already. Find something you like about her that is unique and tell her. Good examples are “Elbows, Eye lids, Ears, Nose, Chin”. It might sound strange, but try complimenting a girl on one of these attributes and she’ll light up to you.

Be perseverent
If a first you don’t succeed, try and try again! This statement could not be MORE true when it comes to woman. Talk to as many girls as possible and you’ll eventually find one that wants to get to know you. Some girls will have boyfriends, others are too stuck on themselves to carry on a conversation, but others will be open, nice and friendly to you coming on to them. The only way to separate the gold from the mines is to keep on trying. A girl turning you down doesn’t have to do with you; it has to do with them. Don’t take it personally.

Be fresh
Carry Mints and Gum where ever you go. Bad breath will kill any chance you have with a woman. Before you go up and talk to them, do the breath check. You’d be surprised how many guys assume they have good breath, but they miss the mark. Don’t be one of those guys.

Be sweet
Compliment girls in front of their friends. A compliment said in front of people has a thousand times more weight than a compliment given in private. In private you can say anything, but something said in front of people shows you mean it and aren’t afraid to hide it.

Be eyed
Stare them down (In a nice way). Girls love eye contact, Don’t be afraid to challenge them to a staring contest. It sends shivers down their spine and will make you much more attractive to them.

And now, stop reading dating advices, call a girl, go out, and meet the girl of your dreams today! Use this advices wisely and you'll get the result!

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