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Yes! We are another 100% free dating site. But what makes us different from other websites and why should you sign up with us?

Read 5 main reasons why should you subscribe with our 100% free dating service for free. We think these are 5 good reasons for not leaving site4dating unless you aren't a Member. Contact us for some support or further assistance. Be active, as we love to receive your feedback.
So, the question is - Why should you register with our free dating site?

We offer you another chance to find someone online.
And you shouldn't miss this free opportunity of meeting someone online. Of course, you can't compare us to big social networks with hundreds of new members daily, but we are still offering you a free dating service as another chance. Registering on our dating site means you increase this chance's success.

This site is simple in use. Look at our simple design.
It was created so that everyone could simply and without some efforts to register or find someone online in his are.

We assure your privacy.
We thank to all our actual Members who put their trust in us and who registered already. Your personal information is safe with us. What about your email? Don't inquire about it. We'll never share it with other sites or sell it as some "dating sites" do. We can assure you firmly that you'll never receive spam messages from site4dating.com, as we care too much at our Members. We'll never admit you to feel bad on our site.

We are so friendly!
And each time a Member is searching for help, we're a click away. Just contact us and we'll try to find the best solution for you.

We are free! Free indeed!
We'll never charge you or ask you to pay for some additional services. No fees ever. Forget about your credit card if you own it. If you don't - more better. We'll never ask you to donate for us and we don't put those annoying PayPal buttons bagging for some bucks.

Register right now and increase your chances to find someone online - a friend, a date or just a pen pal!

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