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How to Eliminate Shyness, Nervousness, and other Forms of Male Social Anxiety?

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How not to act or appear shy or nervous and how to act and appear 100% confident?

Read over these common issues men face with social anxiety, and the solutions we've put together for the many men who deal with it. You don't have to live with shyness or nervousness any longer.

In this article men talk about their nervous social anxiety and shyness:

"It seems that ever since my ex and I broke up, I've slowly come to the painful and embarrassing realization that I may not have all of the mack finesse that I had before our 7 year stint together. Nowadays, I suffer from things like speechlessness, and some sort of nervous facial tick. I'm sure that the women that I'm trying to talk to pick up on this and that's probably why I've been so down and out in the dating arena since the ex."

"For some reason, every time I get around a hot, or even cute, girl, I get locked into this bogus thing where I stutter. I don't get it, I've never stuttered in my life. Only recently, when I get around a babe like this, or try talking to her. Needless to say, I make a complete ass out of myself every time.

Another retarded thing I've always done has been the "voice-changing" thing.

For some reason, if I talk to a girl for a few minutes, I change my voice to - I guess what I can refer to as "the nice guy voice". I think that my mind has always been totally pre-occupied with the fear that she'll think I'm too bold or maybe even be afraid of me, so I have subconsciously developed this bogus "voice" I use, but cannot control, that I guess is supposed to set them at "ease", or something.

In reality, it probably scares her even more - leaving her to think: is this the same guy who was here a few seconds ago? - and it sucks, because I just want to be myself, with my own, real, voice.

I just want her to take me seriously, which she clearly will never do, as long as these "flaws" are present. So, to anyone out there, what is the deal with these "quirks", to say the least?

Shall I seek professional help? I feel like there all just "nervous" things, but I can never seem to lose them or control them"

So what is going on anyway? The sudden shortness of breath. The unexpected loss of words. The shyness. The nervousness...

Think of it as "male social anxiety"...

Your mind is racing. There's a great looking girl before you and your sexual instinct is suddenly kicking into gear...

As such, your body is growing suddenly anxious, as one of its key existences is to reproduce. Just as your mouth responds to the site of good food by making you salivate, so does your body respond to the site of a woman that looks like mating material. These are physiological responses to your immediate environment, and most people can't control them.

But think! Who is a woman going to feel safer with?

A guy who's whole demeanor suddenly changes into a quivering horn-dog the moment she walks through the door, or the guy who maintains complete control and doesn't look like he's ready to climax in his pants just by looking at her?

Most guys already know this answer... They see that the guys most women are generally interested in don't seem to show any anxiety when women are present. These men don't necessarily "ignore" women, instead they talk and carry themselves as if everything is completely normal, especially when interacting with women directly... And it's not that these men aren't attracted to these women, these men just know (some instinctively) that showing anxiety is on the same level as losing control of one's emotions, and is looked down on by women (and men alike).
So, never show anxiety. Don't "lose control".

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