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Controlling yourself and keeping an entire control on your emotions

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There are generally two groups of men that are able to achieve the level of self control portrayed

  1. Men who are accustomed to being around attractive women all their lives, and as such don't feel anxiety when attractive women are around.
  2. Men who have conditioned their minds to not be phased by attractive women, because these are men who have learned that male social anxiety turns women off.

For example, think of window washers who work on tall skyscrapers... These men become accustomed to the job, and pretty soon it's no big deal to them to be washing windows 1,000 feet up over the city, while for 99.9% of people it would be a truly frightening experience.

So what are the different quirks guys have that reveal to women "male social anxiety"?

When attractive women enter the room:

What's interesting is that understanding "male social anxiety" isn't a complicated process. The main thing is knowing what is happening, that it's not something "wrong with you", and that you can easily fix it.

The problem is that men put women on pedestals (as the old saying goes). They create an image of a woman that just isn't real. Instead of her being "just another person", she's become a fantastic goddess in men's minds, and as such is from an entirely different world, a world of different rules and exotic customs.

And so you "think" that you don't know how to act around her. Your mind races, your heart beats faster, you're excited by the mystery and beauty of her... All the while, she's looking at you like "what's your problem?". She knows that she's nothing special, but you're over there looking at her like she is. Then she giggles and elbows her friend, whispering about that pitiful chump in the corner (you) who just fell in love with her the first time you laid eyes on her.

Women know that love at first sight doesn't happen. Lust at first sight does. The general unspoken rule all women share, is avoid men who lust. They can't control themselves.
Also, avoid men who are shy and / or nervous: They may embarrass you in public. They'll never take the lead in life.

Single women are in the general habit of pre qualifying men for relationships and sex (or just sex). Though they may not make a conscious note of it, they do subconsciously note that you do or don't qualify. "The Quirks" are generally the deciding factor that you don't qualify. Once you can eliminate them, your odds of success increase dramatically.
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