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Step-by-step guide -- How to register with site4dating.com?

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Welcome to site4dating.com!

Here is the simple registration tutorial. Reading and following these simple steps, you'll become one of our Members.

Don't scary, we offer only free accounts here, entire our web-site is free, so there is no risk we'll charge your credit card. You can keep it away if you own it, because here you'll never need it. It's easy to guess why... Because you are on a 100% Free dating site!

Please remember, that the Activation Link or Activation Code (which are, basically, the same thing) is time-limited to 2 days. Once you don't use it for activating your account, we'll consider your account as a failed attempt of spamming our site and so, we'll delete it. We cordially recommend you to pass through our registration process during one day.

Also, while you are in the Activation Period (you haven't confirmed your email yet), your profile can't participate in the Search Results, you don't appear somewhere within our site and you are a Blocked Member until you confirm your email.

Problems with activation? Please let us know and help you!

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