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Greece is a wonderful country to meet someone

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If you ever been to Greece, you will understand me. If you never did - ok, maybe it's time to think about your next summer adventures seriously. Hellenic seas and Grecians, as people, are a must-see for every one.

The heroic past of these people and the beautiful art development in Greece may mark you for all your life if you see it.

Summer is the best time to visit Greece. The northern Greece (Thessaloniki, Larissa) aren't the best locations for sea distractions, the water remains cold till the middle of the June. But you can face there some other Greek wonders as fortresses, old cities, go in towns for original Greek music and food, see Balcanic Mountains, some of the oldest in the Eastern Europe.

Otherwise, if you are a seaside love, you must go a little deeper, in this country's heart.

Athens. One of the cities I fall in love it. And not because of its smog or agglomeration, but because of its architectural and historical role in our civilization. Athens remains, as thousands years ago, an important point where the Asian and European civilizations meet eachover. It's the city of changes and exotics the same time, still remaining old and inspiring an air of supremacy.
Finding someone in Athens is not a very easy task. Especially if you are there for a few weeks.

At the time I publish this article (17.11.2007), there are no Members from Athens, but you may be one of those first Grecians or Greece-visitor who may want to add his/hear profile online.

A picture representing Chania city, situated on the Crete island, Greece

If you don't like big cities, you may want to consider then, a trip to the Greek islands.

Crete is the best location. Water gets warm in the middle of may, and it remains so till the middle of September.

Cretan cuisine, Cretan music, dances and tavernas (Greek pubs), Cretan people - all are ready to offer you their best. Grecians understood that tourists are their main existence source, so they will do their best just to satisfy you.

Recently, I've launched a initiative for holidays - everyone who's planning a trip on his/her summer holidays, may post his profile here, invite his/her friends and, why not, make plans together for meeting there, on the beaches, at museums or tavernas. I hope this initiative will find its fans, as it can be very interesting to try finding someone and meet someone far away from home and knowing it's not a stranger, but someone with who you've talked already.

So, if you plan a trip for your vacations in Greece, Crete, Athens, Santorini or other Greek locations, make sure you find some 30 seconds to register with our absolutely free dating service and will take care that you meet good friends.

Γειάσου! Τα εγγενή ελληνικά;

Θα αγαπούσαμε να σας ξέρουμε μεταξύ των μελών μας!

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