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How to register with site4dating?

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How to register with site4dating?

site4dating.com is a very simple and intuitive dating site, made for all European singles. So, if you are from Europe, searching for some friends, you are invited to join our free dating site.

First of all you must go to www.site4dating.com and find there a link to our registration page.

The link can be found at the top of the page or on the left menu.

Click it and you are on our registration page!

We consider it to be the first step in becoming a Member of our site.

Start completing the form by entering your username. Choose a representative one.

Then choose your password. Take care to have a strong password because we don't accept weak passwords.
The next step is to input your email.

We require that you do this twice, to assure that you didn't made some typos.

Be sure to provide a valid email, because this is the only way we can contact you to announce about your incoming messages or other important information.

Don't be afraid - we never spam our members with garbage mails

In the following fields, just select your personal data - gender, date of birth and your country.

Because we intend to be a European dating site, you must be a from one of those European countries we have listed there. Among accepted countries are united kingom, france, germany, spain, Portugal, italy, Greece and more

Now, after completing this short and simple form, just submit it by pressing the "Register with site4dating.com" button

After submitting, we'll send you an email at the address you just mentioned

and in that email you'll have a link to follow - it is the activation link, so after pressing it, you'll become an active member of site4dating.com

After confirming your email, log into your account and start editing your profile.

this is very important for your following activity.

We plan to attract a lot of real new members, so they will want to know more about you.

We'll let you discover by yourself the other features of site4dating.com.

Thank you for your time and we hope soon you'll find a lot of friends from Europe via our absolutely free dating site.

We also love feedback, so don't forget to drop some lines to us in case you've encountered some difficulties.

At site4dating.com we just keep improving.

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