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5 places in Europe to visit the next year

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European singles and those searching for the old-fashioned love may choose from a wide variety of places to visit next year. I would say, all of you must start thinking about the travel plans for the next year, because our holidays are very important and we must arrange them as perfectly as possible.
In this little article I will present the most 5 romantic and attractive places in Europe to visit the next year. Europe is full of beauties, and we must discover them starting from now.

My 1st choice - The good old Paris.

If you've already been there - you are lucky but I'm sure you didn't saw all the Paris in just one trip - a lot of wonderful monuments and places are awaiting to be seen and admired - starting with France's symbol - Eiffel Tower and finishing with old and big universities as Sorbonne is.

2nd place o go - Rome

And not only Rome. On the way to this ancient city and cultural center, you may spend some days enjoying the Venetian old town and their cute gondolas, Italian food and old Latin hospitality. Italy is a very good choice for those searching new friends and singles searching their other soul-part.

3rd European country to visit this year is Greece.

Greece especially Athens, changed a lot since they are an European Members. Consider a trip in Greece and you'll never forget it. Athens is the meeting point for thousands and thousands of tourists worldwide, not only from Greece of Europe. Athens has a lot of wonders, ancient monuments, pieces of history to see and a rich night-life - it is one of those cities that never sleeps

4th place I would give to Bulgaria and Romania

2 neighbor countries recently entered in the European Union and year by year improving their travel offers. A trip to Bulgaria is a chance for you to discover new cultures and traditions, great seaside and littorals on the shores of the Black Sea. Bulgarians seems to provide, as far as I know, cheap and improved 5 stars services, while Romania is always opened for those which enjoy winter sports, ski, but also, don't forget to visit the Dracula Castle in Transylvania and the wonders of old cultural cities as Brashov or Sibiu.

5th and not the less attractive - Norway

Norway has some breath-taking nature monuments - rivers, geysers, mountains will make you feel teleported on the over planet. The biggest attraction - Frozen lakes, fiords (ancient vertical mountains), icebergs, and much more. Norwegians are known as friendly and kind people, always ready to help you. I'm sure you wouldn't regret ever a trip in a frozen country where I think it's more snow than air :)

Europe is full of magic places waiting for you to discover them. And those searching for new adventures and new friendships or relationships are at a glance from you. If you can't find your "the one", you may consider my advices as an invitation to discover new people abroad - travel and search for new friends and matches.

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