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What if Britney would date on my site?

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Right this moment Britney is staying in front of my eyes looking at me from the cover of a cheap magazine. I started to think if would she ever date on my site.
What would happen if Britney Spears, in one good day, would just come across my site, searching for nothing, just browsing around, maybe even trying to register here.

This would be fantastic… :)

And what if she would create an account on my free dating site? OMG! I think my traffic and my visitors would explode overnight, and this dating site would became the second after myspace or plentyoffish.com

The question is – does Britney Spears need to be on a dating site or is she free to register wherever she wants? Isn’t her staff and associates influencing her to do or not to do something. Maybe.

One thing is very clear in off for me – Britney would never be one of my site’s Members, because my site is targeted to European not American singles.

So Britney Spears has no chances to be the other one profile on my dating site.

But you, even aren’t so popular as Britney Spears is, are welcomed to register for free. And I would be more than excited to know you enjoy my free dating service. It takes less than 30 seconds and you are with us! Forever free!

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