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Is it hard o find friends online?

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Yes and No the same time. It is easy to find them fast, but could you say they are your friends? I think friendship costs more than a few quick emails and d some exchanged photos. A friendship is when one takes care of each other and they exchange not only pics, but share same tastes and feelings.

I really want to hope that here, at site4dating, you will find those really friends you are searching for. Many say: Another dating sit? No, Thanks! But I have something more to say here
This is not the fanciest dating site you are on ever. This is far away from the enormous dating communities we have online. Site4dating is at it' only very first beginnings. And even we don't have millions of members (yet :)) I truly hope you can find some friends from Europe even here.

And if you didn't, register with us and they will come with time in a month or two. But they will come, I promise. So, give me 30 seconds of your time and register on this site, create a profile for free here and be a part of our European Community. If you share that European spirit we all feel (friendship and joy), then register with site4dating to find more singles and friends just like you.

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