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How do I find a safe date online?

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Do you feel safe dating online while there are countless online singles and dating sites? How do I find the right one for me and how do I find a date online?

You can use one of the big dating sites or a smaller niche site - like one focused on Christian singles, Senior singles, or even Republican singles. Most of the dating sites have a trial period where you can try out the site to see if its something you are interested in.
Safety and Online Dating

You should always be wary about giving out personal information to someone you don't know. If someone walked up to you at lunch tomorrow and wanted to know your home address, to have a picture of you, and your measurements, wouldn't you be a little freaked out? Though you are online looking for a date, use common sense when providing personal info.

We recommend setting up a generic email address (somewhere like Yahoo mail or GMail) and giving that out to people. This way you don't have to give out an identifying address (like john_smith@employeeatabc.com) and can turn it off if required.

Thousands of people find each other on the Internet each day. There are some people you need to watch out for, so thinking about safety and security while searching for the right mate is crucial.

Be cautious about providing any personal identifying information - like your phone number, address, or picture. Talk to someone on the site or via email for a period of time before giving out information.

The one of the most vulnerable are teens and adolescents - their credibility and trust often fails into a unwanted meeting with some dubious persons, sometimes dangerous. So keep an eye on your children's attitude to the online dating and teens networks
Good luck and happy dating!

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